SS9M: 5 Feb

Thank you for a great first class!

Here’s a reminder of what we worked on today:

Map analysis


What are the challenges here? Think about:

  • Logistics (distance traveled, weather, terrain)
  • Economy (trading/bartering, distance from source to market, who is liable for losses?)
  • Demographics (who is living in this area? what does that mean for our voyageurs*?)

* voyageurs = fur traders

Horizons (130-142)

  1. What challenges did the HBC & NWC face in trading furs?
  2. How do you think those challenges actually affected the people engaging in trade?
  3. What effect did the fur trade have on the lifestyle of First Peoples?
  4. The HBC and NWC operated very differently. What were the benefits of working for either?
  5. What is interesting about the rules of the bison hunt? What does this say about Metis society?

Remember, particularly on #2 and #5 I want to know what YOU think! Take the information that you have and make an educated guess.

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