EN9M: 6 Feb

Thank you for getting right into the text with me!

Here’s a reminder of what we worked on in today’s class:

Background on Shakespeare and his plays

  • Who was Shakespeare as a person?
  • What kind of plays was he writing?
  • Who was watching them and how were they consumed?


Romeo and Juliet: The Prologue


R & J: Act 1, Scene 1

  • What did we expect based on the Prologue? How is this different?
  • This scene is clearly not set in Verona. How else does the setting differ? What other settings could we imagine for this story?
    • Your ideas: two teams where the families of the players are fighting (like high school sports); two members of the same family fighting and splitting the family apart.

Plot Timeline

  • This will be an ongoing assignment as we work through the play. You were assigned a character in-class on Tuesday. We will discuss what you need to do in class on Thursday. If you have concerns, please come and see me.

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