EN9M: 8 Feb

Thanks for a great class, today. I know it was a lot of me talking so I appreciate your patience and engagement. As we move through the unit, it will be less-and-less of me-driven and more-and-more you-driven.

Anyone who is curious about the requirements and marking for the plot timeline assignment should click here. I recommend reading a summary of Act I to see where your character pops up and then using that as a starting point. You do not have to read the entire first act (although it would certainly help you later on).

We dove right into the plot of Act I, Scenes 1-4 today. We focused on the Queen Mab speech, which is one of Shakespeare’s most critically acclaimed speeches. It is heavy on poetry and light on substance/plot action. Remember that as we move to other speeches that will have a lot more to do with the plot.


There are a lot of characters introduced in the first Act; 14 in total. They can be hard to keep track of but you can always refer back here to figure out who is who.

The Montagues

  • Lord and Lady Montague: Romeo’s parents. Lord Montague is the OG of this feud between families.
  • Romeo: A young nobleman of Verona. The Romeo.
  • Mercutio: Romeo’s cousin. A calming, practical influence on Romeo’s group of friends.
  • Benvolio: Romeo’s BFF. A bit of a pot-stirrer.
  • Friar Lawrence: Romeo’s confidante*

The Capulets

  • Lord and Lady Capulet: Juliet’s parents. Lord Capulet is the other OG of this feud. Lady Capulet is very interested in getting Juliet married as soon as possible.
  • Juliet: A young lady of Verona. The Juliet.
  • Tybalt: Juliet’s cousin. Another pot-stirrer; he likes to cause trouble.
  • Nurse: Juliet’s confidante*
  • Peter: A servant in the Capulet household


  • Escalus, Prince of Verona: He arrives in Scene 1 and lays down the law. There is to be no more public brawling between the Montagues and the Capulets. He means business.
  • Paris: Cousin of Escalus. He is very interested in marrying Juliet.


  • Confidante: Someone with whom you share secrets. There is a great deal of deception in this play but Romeo totally trusts Friar Lawrence and Juliet totally trusts the Nurse.
  • Nurse: Remember that the Nurse is not like a nurse at a hospital. She would have raised Juliet from a baby. She is like a second mother to Juliet and she is the one person that Juliet completely trusts.
  • Ages: Remember the issues of age that we discussed in class. Keep this in mind when we’re discussing the characters.


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