SS9M: 14 Feb

Thanks for a great class today. I know it’s early but I appreciate the work everyone put in once your brains were warmed up! Here’s a quick reminder of what we talked about this class.

You can view the slides from today’s class by clicking here. Just a reminder that the slides are useful as reminders only. If you’re relying on the slides to research or study, they will not be sufficient.

Your work on identifying judgements in texts was very strong. You all picked up the concept very quickly and did an excellent job of finding clues to the writer’s thoughts and feelings. We will revisit this skill later in the unit and you will be tested on identifying judgements in texts.

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Recognizing bias is all about identifying the implicit judgements a writer makes through their choice of words. What can we tell about the writers of each of these three statements through their choice of words?

We will pick up the ethical judgement exercise at the beginning of Friday’s class. You all got the right idea after some discussion; so we’ll keep working on it next class.