EN9M: 22 Feb

Good work on the reading quiz today! The scores were uniformly strong, which shows that everyone has been paying attention. We have another reading quiz on Monday and your plot timeline is due on Wednesday.

We watched the opening scene from Act 4. Following Romeo’s banishment from Verona, what is Juliet’s mental state? How can we evaluate the Friar’s behaviour and his plan? Remember, he is the adult here. Juliet is still a child.

We also looked at Juliet’s speech from Act 4, Scene 3, as she prepares to take the potion the Friar has given her. This is a big moment for Juliet as it is the first time in the play that she takes action. However, as you might expect, she’s scared…

  • Line 18: Juliet calls for her Nurse and then reconsiders. Why?
  • Line 23: She has a plan. Even if the potion doesn’t work, she will not marry Paris tomorrow.
  • Lines 24-29: Juliet asks herself if she can she trust the Friar? Can she? Who can she trust?
  • Lines 30-49: Juliet thinks about all the things that could possibly go wrong with this plan.
    • Line 33-35: She could suffocate in the sealed tomb
    • Line 39-43: She could be stuck in the tomb with all of the dead bodies
    • Line 45-48: There might be ghosts or spirits that will torment her.
    • Line 49-52: Or she might just be so frightened that she goes mad
  • Line 53-54: If that happens, Juliet will beat herself to death with the bones of her ancestors.
  • Line 55-57: Juliet thinks she sees Tybalt’s ghost.
  • Line 58: She takes the poison so that she passes out. She can’t cope with the stress anymore.