EN12M: 27 Feb

Students who left early today: For Thursday, please select a method of social control explained in ch 1-4 and explain how that contributes to or detracts from social stability. This should be a short paragraph-length response (5-6 sentences). 

Thanks to everyone for a good discussion around chapters 3-4 of Brave New World. You’ll want to keep these themes in mind because they are the foundation upon which the World State functions and will be the basis for our discussions going forward.

  • So far, social rules are largely enforced through peer pressure/shame (just like our real-life social rules). Think about how Fanny reacts when Lenina tells her that she’s only been sleeping with Henry Foster for the past four months. There is the vague threat that her boss will penalize her for “anti-social behaviour” but the immediate form of ensuring compliance is through peer pressure.
  • In Canada, we view diversity and individuality as a strength. We had a lot of good ideas about how difference can be a weakness. Keep those in mind as we move forward.
  • Remember that dystopian literature began during a very specific time period. The social situation of the time is definitely reflected in the literature. In this case, the caste system (Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, Epsilons) is created through biology and reinforced through conditioning. This caste system reflects long-held prejudices about individuals of lower socio-economic classes and “inferior” races that were still very relevant at the time of publication.