SS9M: North West Territory Resources

Lesson 1: Before Canada – First Peoples 

NWT Lesson 1 Notes

Lesson 2: The Red River Colony

 Advising Robert Semple (Reading)

Advising Robert Semple (Worksheet)

NWT Lesson 2 Notes

Lesson 3: The Red River Resistance (Part 1) 

Historical Perspective – Creating Manitoba

NWT Lesson 3 Notes

Lesson 5: Canada Takes the North West (Part 1) 

NWT Lesson 5 Notes

Treaty No. 7 (Text)

Treaty Analysis Worksheet

Lesson 6: Canada Takes the North West (Part 2)

Cause and Consequence Diagram

Lesson 7: The North West Resistance

NWT Lesson 7 Notes

Chief Crowfoot Reading

Ethical Judgement Worksheet