EN9M: Essay Information (16 March)

Click here for the full information sheet.

Important dates:

  • Class with Ms. Walks: 4 April
  • First Draft: 6 April (due at the beginning of class)
  • Peer Review: 6 April (to be completed in-class)
  • Final Draft: 10 April (due at the beginning of class)

If you have questions or concerns, please email Mr. Hanoomansingh. Do not wait until the last minute! 

EN12M: 15 March

The ability to organize your thoughts and convince an audience is one of the most transferrable skills that you will learn in school. Not all essays have to be written and the most popular are usually oral. Here’s the clip that we watched today: Trevor Noah: Donald Trump Is Coming For Your Guns

As you’re watching, consider the following:

  • What is the question?
  • What is Trevor’s thesis?
  • What are Trevor’s arguments and what evidence does he use to support them?
  • What is Trevor’s conclusion?
  • Overall, is this an effective way of communicating his argument?

EN12M: Essay Information

Click here for full essay information sheet.

Essay Planning Sheet


  • First Draft: 3 April (due at the beginning of class)
  • Peer Review: 3 April (to be completed in-class)
  • Final Draft: 5 April (due at the beginning of class)


  • First Draft: 10 April (due at the beginning of class)
  • Peer Review: 10 April (to be completed in-class)
  • Final Draft: 12 April (due at the beginning of class)


SS9M: List of Selections for Unit Project

Here is the complete list of who has selected which significant individual. Please keep in mind that this list may not be up-to-date. If you select your topic after Thursday 15 March, you must email Mr. Hanoomansingh to make sure that your individual is not already taken. A reminder that there can be no more than 3 students per significant individual.

Katie Gabriel Dumont
Parneet William Van Horne
Sukhmani John A. MacDonald
Rhea George-Etienne Cartier
Simran John A. MacDonald
Bill Lord Selkirk
Arjun Thomas Scott
Brahmvir Big Bear
Kirt John A. MacDonald
Juhjar Louis Riel
Vidhi George-Etienne Cartier
Samuel  Thomas Scott
Himika James Douglas
Anoop  –
Callum James Douglas
Divjeet Gabriel Dumont
Nandini Crowfoot
Kathryn James Douglas
Martin Cuthbert Grant
Chloe Leif Crozier

EN9: 5 March

Today we watched the movie version of Romeo and Juliet up to the end of Act 3, Scene 1. The reason that we did this is to make sure that everyone has the basics of the plot before we begin working on your essays. Most of your worksheets were very good. Here were the questions that I asked you to answer; thinking about these questions will prepare you to write your essay:

1) Mercutio is Romeo’s best friend. When and how does he behave like a friend?

2) Benvolio is Romeo’s cousin. When and how does he show this affection?

3) Juliet does not behave the way that would be expected from an upper-class young lady. When and how does she misbehave?

4) Romeo tends to be impulsive and act without thinking. When and how does he do this?

5) Pick either the Nurse or the Friar. They both go out of their way to help Romeo and Juliet. When and how do they do this?


EN9M: 6 March

Everyone did great work today in our class on planning an essay. I know the second part was difficult but I was pleased with how hard each of you were working. Just to refresh your memory, here are our highlights from last class:



And here were the results of our secondary exercise, looking at a oral essay, which follows the same format: