SS9M: Unit Project

I will hand out paper copies of the assignment sheet to those who want it during Wednesday’s class. However, you can click here to get a document that you can type directly into.

Your progress check is due Tuesday 13 March. A reminder that I will not allow any more than three presentations on the same individual. So if you wish to ensure you get to research your first choice, come see me to confirm your significant individual before Tuesday.

Assignment Criteria: 

Unit Assignment: The North West Territory and British Columbia

A Historically Significant Individual

This assignment will require you to select an individual who lived in either the North West Territory or British Columbia during the period of our study (1800-1910). You will conduct independent research on this person outside of class time. You will present your findings to the class in a presentation of approximately five minutes.


Significant Individual:

  • The individual you select must have lived or worked in the North West Territory or British Columbia during the period of our study (1800-1910).
  • The individual must have historical significance to events that we have discussed in class. For example, we will discuss treaty processes in Western Canada. You could select a First Nations leader or a government representative who was involved in treaty negotiations, even if we did not discuss that individual, group, or treaty in class.
  • You must provide evidence of the individual’s historical significance using the criteria discussed in class.


  • You must submit a bibliography in MLA style on the day of your presentation.
  • You must consult at least 5 sources to research your significant individual.
  • Please note that Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. You should make use of the resources available through the library as well as the online Canadian Encyclopedia.


  • Your presentation should be between four to five minutes in length
  • You must provide a brief biography of your significant individual. This should not be the majority of the presentation. It should be background that tells the class where your individual is from and any relevant information about their life.
  • You must provide an explanation of their activity that made them significant. If they were involved in treaty negotiations, what treaty did they negotiate and what was the effect? If they fought in armed conflict, what side were they on and why?
  • You must indicate how you evaluated their significance. Think of the criteria that we discussed in class. This may be an interesting person who was involved in interesting events but what made that event and that person significant?

If you are having trouble at any point, please consult with Mr. Hanoomansingh.


13 March: Progress Check – complete the back side of the assignment sheet

17 April: Presentation Date