SS9M: List of Selections for Unit Project

Here is the complete list of who has selected which significant individual. Please keep in mind that this list may not be up-to-date. If you select your topic after Thursday 15 March, you must email Mr. Hanoomansingh to make sure that your individual is not already taken. A reminder that there can be no more than 3 students per significant individual.

Katie Gabriel Dumont
Parneet William Van Horne
Sukhmani John A. MacDonald
Rhea George-Etienne Cartier
Simran John A. MacDonald
Bill Lord Selkirk
Arjun Thomas Scott
Brahmvir Big Bear
Kirt John A. MacDonald
Juhjar Louis Riel
Vidhi George-Etienne Cartier
Samuel  Thomas Scott
Himika James Douglas
Anoop  –
Callum James Douglas
Divjeet Gabriel Dumont
Nandini Crowfoot
Kathryn James Douglas
Martin Cuthbert Grant
Chloe Leif Crozier