SS9M: Image Analysis

You will be given two images and asked to answer one question about each image. Your answer should not be more than 2 sentences in length. So it’s up to you to select the most critical pieces of information.

Example 1:


Question: Why would the people in this painting be engaged in this specific type of gold extraction in 1860?

Answer: Panning or rocking was a method of extracting gold that required little skill or money but yielded less gold than large-scale mining operations. Aboriginal and Chinese prospectors generally did not have the funds or the know-how to undertake large-scale mining operations and rocking/panning meant they did not have to compete with white miners.


Example 2:


Question: This is a photo of Carrall Street a few days after a major event in the city’s history. What event is that and how do we know that?

Answer: This photo was taken in Chinatown, as we can observe from the signage on the building (“Chinese Merchant” and “Pekin Restaurant”). The windows are boarded up because they were smashed during the race riot of 1907, in which an anti-Asian rally turned into a mob that destroyed property in Chinatown and the Japanese quarter.