EN9M: Speak Vocab

First and Second Marking Periods

Abstinence (noun): To refrain from taking part in certain pleasures. Abstinence is often a religious practice and is most commonly referring to refraining from sexual intercourse, usually until marriage.

Abysmal (adjective): Extremely or hopelessly bad.

Blathers (verb): To talk endlessly; usually about an unimportant subject.

Conjugate (verb): To inflect a verb or change it’s form to comply with grammar rules.

Forestry (noun): The branch of science pertaining to forests.

Dryad (noun): A female tree spirit; from Greek myth.

Errant (adjective): Behaving improperly.

Gelatinous (adjective): Resembling jelly; particularly in terms of texture.

Harried (adjective): To be harassed and repeatedly annoyed; often to the point of being flustered.

Hypothalamus (noun): The part of the brain that controls the production and release of hormones.

Inconspicuous (adjective): Not noticeable. Something that does not draw attention to itself.

Indoctrination (noun): To teach an ideology. Often used in a religious context.

Integral (adjective): Crucial; necessary to the existence of a thing.

Laryngitis (noun): An inflammation of the vocal cords that makes speaking difficult to impossible; caused by a virus.

Overbearing (adjective): To be arrogant in a rude and intrusive manner.

Pistils (noun): The female reproductive parts of the flower.

Reconstituted (adjective): To be remade. References food that was fresh, has been preserved, and has been made “fresh” again.

Stamens (noun): The male reproductive parts of the flower.

Suburbia (noun): Social and cultural aspects of life in the suburbs.

Tubercular (adjective): Relating to the condition of tuberculosis. Refers specifically to the sickly grey colour skin turns when infected with the disease.

Vermillion (noun): A naturally occurring substance used as a bright, vibrant, red dye. Used to refer to the colour of Mr. Neck’s skin when he gets angry.

Wan (adjective): To be of an unnaturally pale or sickly colour.

Xenophobic (adjective): Relating to the fear or hatred of foreigners or people from different cultures.