EN11: Homework for Thurs 11 April

Apologies that we ran out of class time today. I wanted to clarify the homework so there is no confusion:

For homework:

  1. Please do a quick review of Ulysses – MrH analysis. We talked about most of this but we were pressed for time at the end. Please use this as an example for the level of detail that I am looking for when you analyze a poem on your own.
  2. Please begin analyzing your chosen song based on the criteria/categories that we discussed today. You can find those categories listed here. For Thursday, you should be able to talk about at least three (3) aspects of your poem from each category (minimum 9 aspects total).
    • *Please remember that your chosen song can be any genre/age but it must be in English. So you are welcome to choose popular songs but if you cannot come up with the  level of analysis that I am asking you for, then you may need to pick a different song. For example, I love Carly Rae Jepsen. She has the voice of an angel and she is quite a talented songwriter. But this song does not have enough poetic elements to qualify for analysis.