Career-Life Education


Rubric: Completion/Participation Marks

September 26/27: The Inquiry Spiral

October 1/2: Social Media Audit

Rubric: Social Media Assignment

Assignment: Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunity – Oral Presentation Rubric

October 29/30: CMHA Activities

2 & 5 Nov: Warm-up Write

Privilege Questionnaire (2&5 Nov)

Mentorship & Supportive Communities (13 Nov)

Introduction to Educational Planning (20/21 Nov)

Nov 27/28: In-depth educational planning

Work/Volunteer Experience Planning Sheet (3/5 Dec)

Resume Building (11/12 Dec)

Youtube: Anthony O’Neal Resume Building

Time Management Survey (Jan 7/8)

Time Budget Template (9/14 Jan)

Time Management Reflection 3 – Time Budget Analysis Questions (15/16 January)

Interview Mini-Unit Intro Assignment (6/7 Feb)

Sample Job Posting for Interview Mini-Unit Intro Assignment (6/7 Feb)

Mock Interview Preparation (13/14 Feb)

Mock Interview Rubric

Personal Finance Questionnaire (21/22 Feb)

Money: How vs. How Much (25/26 Feb)

Values and influences (27/28 Feb)

Goals and Your Life Cycle (1/4 March)

Income and Employment Worksheet (1/4 March)

High School Take-Home Pay Exercise (7/8 March)

Sample Budget (11/12 March)

Bank Accounts (3/4 April)

Investment Advice (8/9 April)

Resources: Five Stages of Investing (8/9 April)

Stock Terminology (10/11 April)

Stock Market Investigation (12/15 April)

Join the stock market challenge! (16/17 April) 

What Is Your Direction? (2/3 May)

Finding Your Passion (6/7 May)

Elliot Spilsbury Music

Making An Action Plan – Part 1 (16/17 May) 

Making an Action Plan – Part 2 (22/23 May)

Making an Action Plan – Part 3 (24-31 May)

ACTION PLAN Rubric (4/5 June)

CLE Curriculum Document (7/10 June)

CLE End-of-Year Survey (20 June)