English 12


EN12 Course Outline

Paragraph Organization


Class Material:

Story Structure (16 Sept)

Homework- Elements of Story (1-2) (due 17 Sept)

Fairy Tales Package

Introduction to Literary Theory

Brier Rose Feminist Analysis

The Emperor’s New Clothes Marxist Analysis

The Emperor’s New Clothes Writing Prompts

Canterbury Tales Prologue Questions (28/29 Oct)

Pardoner/Wife Tale worksheet

Canterbury Tales Creative Writing Assignment

Controversial Issue Essay (due 20 December)

Controversial Topics

EN 12 Work for Jan 14-22 (Block 1-2)

MW ch 9-10 reflection questions

MW ch11-12 questions (31 Jan)

MW ch14-15 questions (3/4 Feb)

MW ch17-18 Questions (7/10 Feb)

MW ch18-20 reading questions (13/18 Feb)

MW ch21-22 reading questions (20/21 Feb)

MW themes & motifs (27 Feb)

Medicine Walk Essay (DUE 13 MARCH)