English 8M


EN8M Course Outline

Paragraph Organization

Class Material:

Elements of Story (13 Sept)

Homework- Elements of Story (13 Sept)

Fairy Tales Package (16 Sept)

Fairy Tale Analysis Worksheet (23 Sept)

Introduction to Literary Theory

Brier Rose Feminist Analysis

The Emperor’s New Clothes Marxist Analysis

Swindlers/Wolf Comparison (29 Oct)

Greek Deity Research (6 Nov)

Instagram Deity Assignment (14 Nov)

Hero’s Journey Grid (22 Nov)

Guided Notes – Greek Myth and Society (22 Nov)

Odyssey Glossary of Names

Odyssey Job Application

Controversial Topics

Running in the Family Background (13 Jan)

Instructions for in-class RitF Reflection (13 Jan)

Literary Techniques

RiTF Themes (24 Feb)

RitF Final Written Assignment (to be completed in-class on 13 March